Celebrating Earth Day 2018 – A New Begining

HAPPY EARTH DAY to everyone,


Well, don’t confuse it with Earth’s Happy Birthday (which many are doing and thinking the Earth is 2018 years old). Seriously!!!!. October 23, 4004 BC is famous as supposed Earth’s Birthdate and we will talk about it later (When? Yes you guessed it, On October 23 itself). Today people are celebrating 48th Earth Day. So exactly what is Earth Day? Earth Day Network is the organization that leads Earth Day worldwide. Earth Day is significant as it’s a day of political action and civic participation towards preserving the planet. April 22 was chosen as Earth Day by Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. The importance of this day is to increase the awareness among the common public, especially among youngsters, to get the full effect of the campaign of environmental safety. The theme of Earth Day 2018 is “End Plastic Pollution”. Different people celebrate in their own different way. Some do marches, sign petitions, meet their elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads, and I am celebrating earth day by the starting this blog for creating awareness among people for our Earth and taking it to long run.

I have started this blog to comprehend all the knowledge available on Nature, Wildlife and Sustainability at a single place and easily accessible for everyone. The entries in this blog will majorly constitute the followings:-
What is going on in the world? Be updated for being aware.
Different Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation practices? Interesting than it sounds.
Sustainable growth? Yes, it is a thing.
Love to travel? Let’s explore ecotourism.
Wildlife lover? Whole information about any two floral or faunal species every week.
Wildlife Photographer? Come and share your story with us.
Environmental Articles? Yes, all the interesting ones.
You will get news; different articles, research papers and reviews on them; sustainable management practices; wildlife traveling destinations and their reviews; whole lot information on your favorite species and many more on a single platform. I will keep updating the blog two to three times a week so don’t forget to check it again and again.
One can get any information on any above topic or request information on the species of your choice by commenting on the post or send me an email on zoominthenature@gmail.com
Kindly follow the blog and let’s make every day Earth’s Day.


10 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day 2018 – A New Begining

  1. Good bro…keep it up…keep updating us with your experiences and teach us more about conservation of mother nature…god bless…


  2. Well this is something really good that you’ve done good in a while and i hope u will keep this going and will continue to make us proud …!!!
    All the best my boy!


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