Should ZOO be banned or not??

Have you seen the movie Madagascar?? If not, then it’s the first thing you should do. The movie will be able to give you a brief concept that there should be zoos or not and here I will be giving you all the pros and cons, in my opinion, of the man-made natural habitat for animals. Man-made natural habitat, Ironic.. isn’t it??

Everyone as a child or an adult must have been to a zoo, whether as an educational visit or on a family picnic or on a day out. Zoos are form of ex-situ conservation of wildlife animals. Ex-situ conservation means conservation of the wilds animals by extracting them from their natural habitats or wilds and placing them somewhere else. But many conservationist and animal right workers are against having a zoo, that animals should be free and not held captive for human amusement.

I am a fan of good zoos and have visited many zoos and have been to reserves also. I have been to some poorly managed zoos too. Many animals are not kept perfectly as others, yes there are biases too. So let me start with the good things about Zoos. Animals kept in the zoos are able to get better nutritional and medical facilities. Good zoos have trained staffs assigned to animals so that each animal get better care. And so many animals are able to survive more than they do in wild. Zoos can also be seen as an educational institution for people. People are able to see those animals live and learn which they have only seen in TVs or read about them in books. Zoos also provide researchers and scientists to study animals and their behavior from up close. This could be helpful for saving of some species. Zoos comes in play more when we are talking about an endangered species or vulnerable one. As in wild the chances of their survival is already low because of hunting and poaching, so zoos provide them safe space. Many breeding programs are also run in zoos for increasing the number of such species. Zoos are also beneficial for the locals of the place as it provides them job opportunity. Zoos also create tourism opportunities where they are. Hence it also acts as an income resource for the community. Plus, if you live in a city and feeling stressed, you can always go to a local zoo for forgetting all your problems and seeing beautiful creatures whole day.


Wow.. after having so many good things why people are protesting against zoo again?? The reasons are…
There is educational and economical zoo but it always creates an ethical dilemma that whether animals should be kept captive or should be free as they are supposed to be. Many animals will thrive being in a captive environment and will live more but many will not. Top of the food chain animals, the predators like tigers, lions and other cat species needs more and open free space to live. Living in enclosure give them stress and make them more aggressive. Elephants live in a herd of many and walk more than 30-40km a day, how are you going to provide such condition in a zoo?? It is very costly for creating climatic conditions for a species which does not belong to that place. It causes physical and mental illness for the species, no matter how much you try to replicate the natural climate. Such change in behavior can cause in error in the research studies doing on them there. Many animals brought to the zoo by capturing from wild are not able to make the transition and die. And also when newborn is born in zoo and then left in the wild, they are not also able to survive their because of dependency on the captivity and not having skills to survive on their own. Zoos are more considered as recreational facility rather than education one nowadays. Even in the zoos animals live are secondary to the lives of people. If visitors intrude the boundaries and go into animals closures, it is usually the life of animal that is put at risk. Most zoos run on the goal of any breeding or conservation program of a species for increasing their number. But this point goes out of question as the new spring born is either kept in the same zoo or sold or moves to other, thus having no effect on the number in wild. Also when a child goes to zoo and see animals in the cage, it give them wrong idea that it is okay to put animal in a cage and imprisonment is entertainment. And what about BIRDS?? They are born to fly, but they are kept in the cage closed from all sides, giving them no space to even glide their wings. Migrating birds hundreds and thousands  of km distance from one place to another. Then how is it okay to put them in the enclosure?? As an animal lover I want to ask how can one love to see a species in a cage rather than seeing them in wild?? Isn’t it better to see a lion hunting in wild rather than eating given food sitting on a rock in the zoo??

In a zoo we don’t see animals as who really they are and how magnificent they can be, we see just a blurred image of them surviving (not living) as prisoner of humans…

Rather than focusing on zoos we should focus more on in-situ conservation. We should have more national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves having corridors connecting them from one to another. Rather than zoos we can have wild refuge centers where we bring animals who are hurt from wild, take care of them till they are healthy and again release them in wild.

If there are zoos then they should be according to proper accreditation having inspection from time to time. And bringing exotic species from totally different natural climates should be stopped. Rather than just showing animals they should also work and try to aware people by presentations or lectures about the wildlife and importance of nature.

We cannot just repopulate every species in zoo, so better we start giving more focus to conserving them in their natural habitat rather than playing God…

Comment or email me what you think about zoos….
Till then, watch Madagascar and think…..

One thought on “Should ZOO be banned or not??

  1. Nice article. I guess you could make a similar argument over should we have pets? Even dogs, although they’ve been bred for millennia to be our companions, present us with difficult moral dilemmas. Maybe one argument in favor of both would be to point out that animals’ lives in the wild would not exactly be happy and carefree, even without humans destroying their habitats. They would still suffer from disease, starvation, predation, etc. Maybe the answer is to keep at least some zoos, but to continue to work to improve conditions in them.


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